Galfer MTB Disc Brake Pads

Galfer MTB Disc Brake Pads, which compound?

Galfer a leader in the motor industry since 1952 have quickly gained traction in the cycle world, with their Galfer MTB Disc Brake Pads. Using their knowledge and skills to produce some of the best aftermarket braking components available. As used by many of the leading riders in the UCI MTB World Cup series. Including current 2023 World Champion Charlie Hatton of the Continental Atherton race team.

But when it comes to Galfer MTB Disc Brake Pads, which compound? They have five different offerings across a range of disc brake pad options. Covering all the market leading brakes, including Shimano, SRAM, Magura, Hope and many more… All of the pads start as a organic semi-metal compound but each choice is tweaked for a certain discipline. To improve the performance of your brakes depending on your riding style and usage. Find which colour suits you below…


Galfer MTB Disc Brake Pads - Performance Compound
Performance (Black) The black coloured disc brake pad is known as the Standard or Performance compound. This pad is the most cost effective pad in the Galfer range. It is a fairly universal pad, aimed at general mountain bike or leisure use. Like all Galfer pads, it offers more power, less disc wear and a better feel over aftermarket options.
Galfer MTB Disc Brake Pads - eBike Compound
eBike (Purple) The eBike compound which is purple in colour, is fairly self explanatory. Designed with electric bicycles in mind, with heavier weights and higher temps. In recent years the eBike boom has been massive. Thus the development of eBike specific parts to accommodate them. This pad is designed to be much harder wearing and is not just a popular with the electrical riders but also non-electric riders due to its higher durability.
Galfer MTB Disc Brake Pads - Pro Compound
Pro (Green) The Pro pad, green in colour is the most popular with racers. It has been designed to require very minimal bedding in. With the idea if you are at race with limited time between runs, fitting these pads will be at full performance much quicker than others. They also offer the most amount of bite, a favourite here at Grip & Pedal.
Galfer MTB Disc Brake Pads - Advanced Compound
Advanced (Red) The Advanced pad has been formulated specifically for wet/muddy conditions. Offering a higher performance level in adverse weather. This has been coupled with their constant goal of achieving less noice and reduced disc wear. Both of which generally increase in damp conditions. For living in the UK, these are a great option for winter riding. These signified as red in colour.
Galfer MTB Disc Brake Pads - Road Compound
Road (Blue) Finally we have the blue coloured Road compound disc brake pad from Galfer. This is the smallest offering in the compound range, with only a few select callipers requiring this compound from SRAM and Shimano. Similar to the eBike this pad is fairly self explanatory, designed specifically with road cycling in mind. With an effort at reducing heat and noise at higher temperatures, as experienced with fast road descending.