First Look: Renthal Revo-F Flat Pedals

First Look: Renthal Revo-F Flat Pedals


Popular British brand Renthal most commonly known for their handlebars and stems, both in the MTB and moto world have just dropped a new flat pedal option. The Revo-F is their first foray into the pedal market and they have joined with a bang. The Revo-F platform is fully concave but still maintains a thin 18mm outer diameter, this offers a huge amount of support and control. The pedal pins are placed asymmetrically and along with the increased axle width, grip should high across all shoe sizes.

First Look: Renthal Revo-F Flat Pedals

Speaking of pins, these are highly adjustable. They can be ran at either 2.5, 3.5, 4.5 or a whopping 5.5mm height. Enabling you to tune to your needs. There is ten each side and are the screw in type, so can easily be replaced if damaged. Forty pins and washers are included with the pedals.

First Look: Renthal Revo-F Flat Pedals

Another unique design on the Revo-F pedal is the patent pending axle. Which allows for easy home maintenance with regular tools most garages, sheds and man-caves will own. All is required is a 6mm and 8mm hex-key, a standard 8mm socket, a torque wrench and a mallet. The unique system uses the axle to both remove and re-install the bushing. The bearings are also pressed into place, using the pedal internals.

First Look: Renthal Revo-F Flat Pedals

When you come to service them, on the inside you will find an extra wide Igus bush, this is sealed with a full-contact wiper seal. On the outboard you will find three cartridges bearings. Two smaller bearings, with a larger bearing on the outside for the most support. These are sealed with an o-ring end cap.

Pinkbike and Vital MTB have already been getting some miles on them and have given positive reviews.


  • Concave platform. L-100mm x W-104mm.
  • Ten pins per side.
  • Adjustable pin length. 2.5mm to 5.5mm in 1mm increments.
  • Three outboard cartridge bearings.
  • Extra wide inboard IGUS bush.
  • Fully sealed – Inboard full contact lip-seal. Outer O-ring seal.
  • Home serviceable, with Renthal patent pending axle system.
  • Forged and CNC machined 6061 aluminium pedal body.
  • High grade chromoly axle.
  • 488g.
  • Black or AluGold anodised finish.

The Renthal Revo-F Flat Pedals are now in stock at £154.95. Ready to ship today from Grip & Pedal. Check them out on the link below:

2 thoughts on “First Look: Renthal Revo-F Flat Pedals

  1. Steve says:

    Nice pedals from a great uk company. Before considering, it would be nice to know, as part of their ready home maintenance vibe, whether the axle will be replaceable?

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