New ODI Vanquish grips with D3O.

New ODI Vanquish lock on grips with D3O compound!

The new ODI Vanquish grips with D3O are the culmination of two giants in the bicycle industry teaming up for desired goal. Neither require an introduction with ODI being a market leader and manufacturer in bicycle handlebar grips, whilst D3O have dominated the standard in hard on impact in protection.

The goal here was to create the ultimate comfort optimised grip, D3O’s new GRIP compound is designed to achieve that. The GRIP compound is designed specifically to reduce vibration and shock on bicycle grips. Whilst the multi layer grip pattern adds to that comfort, it also provides unparalleled traction. Both top and bottom patterns are variations of the tried and true waffle style.

Pinkbike have also covered the launch of the new grips, we look forward to seeing the first reviews from the mags.

Each grip is secured with ODI’s now standard V2.1 single clamp, one pinch bolt, no slip. Simple as it should be. The Vanquish is 135mm in length and feature a medium sized thickness of 32.75mm. They also weigh 118 grams per pair.

The New ODI Vanquish grips with D3O come in three colours: black, orange and grey. These are in stock now at £39.99, go grab a set!


New ODI Vanquish grips with D3O.
New ODI Vanquish grips with D3O.
New ODI Vanquish grips with D3O.

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