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Since we started in 2010, we began by selling cycling gloves. Besides a helmet, arguably one of the most essential pieces of clothing to go with cycling. There is a huge choice available, that’s why it is important to know which ones are correct for you. To begin with, quite simply it is dependent on what you are riding. MTB, road or leisure. Each demand different properties in a cycling glove.

MTB gloves are designed with traction and protection in mind. To cope with the demands off-road riding, these often have additional protection built into them for if the worst happens. Road mitts are designed with comfort over a longer period in mind. Often with gel padding in the palms to help alleviate pain and the short fingers help keep your hands cool but in control.

We also have gloves with winter conditions in mind. These are available in waterproof, windproof (or sometimes both) options. If you’re a keen cyclist and ride on through the depths of winter, a good set of winter gloves is a must.

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