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When it comes to mountain biking it is very important to equip yourself with good quality protection. As the trails get, steeper, more technical and faster, the risks increase. Protective equipment can help minimise injury and thus increase riding time. Helmets are essential, although not enforced by law it should be mandatory to wear one. There is nothing quite as protecting your head, as they say you only get one! Depending on your style or riding of needs, there is a range of helmet options available. Gloves would be the next on the list, typically the first point impact are your hands. A good set of gloves with help with grazes and also provide better traction to the handlebars in hot sweaty conditions. From there you move into knee/elbow pads, these are great for preventing knocks and bumps on these vital areas. Again the level of protection varies depending on riding style. If you have any queries when it comes to protection get in contact, we’re the experts!