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We’ve all been there, bombing down an epic trail or maybe even a perfect buttery tarmac descent on the road. Next thing, bam. Something has hit you straight in the eye at full pace and your blinded. This can all be avoided with a pair of riding glasses. No longer will you have to deal with bugs, muds or anything else that can hit you out on your bike. Wind is also a factor, keen cyclists will ride their bike fast, very fast actually. This can wind factor can strain the eyes and impair your vision. A set of glasses also helps deal with this. There is many different lens offerings specific to cycling. In particular low light and photochromatic options. Low light lenses are designed to help when in dark trees or or wooded areas, these lenses help trail features ‘pop’. Photochromatic is a new offering. These change depending on the light levels, so will tint in bright conditions or clear in darker. Very cool.