Road Gloves & Mitts

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If you are the kind of rider that enjoys spending hours on the road racking up the miles. You are likely to need a good pair of road cycling gloves or mitts. Traditionally short fingered, enabling the control of your gears and brakes. Yet during the summer when it’s hot and sweaty, you still have plenty of grip on the bar tape for your palms.

There is a few options on the palms it terms of padding. Some gloves offer no padding, straight to bar feel. Generally favoured with the racers that are purely looking for a bit of traction between them and the handlebar. Typically most riders are looking for padding to alleviate pressure on their palms whilst riding. The tarmac is not forgiving and on a carbon bike you will every bump. A good set of gel padded road bike gloves or mitts will make it easier and more comfortable for a long ride.