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Without a good chainring your ride would be going nowhere anywhere fast. As a key component to your ride, keeping on top of chainring wear is paramount. Especially with modern drivetrains, including 12 speed chains being much narrower than their predecessors. Triple/Double setups have become a thing of the past, especially on MTB’s. Single ring setups rule the roost now and with that comes a huge variety of standards, offsets and fitments. Typically you still find 104 BCD 4 bolt patterns quite prominent, especially with the latest eBikes available but a lot of the key drivetrain brands have adopted their own direct mount fitment chainrings. Most notable from Shimano, SRAM and RaceFace. Then next consideration is your offset… with the introductions of boost and super boost rear hub spacing to accommodate your 12 speed gears the offset of chainrings has to follow suit. Typically 6mm for anything pre-boost, 3mm for boost onwards but this can vary. If you have questions regarding chainring fitment, drop in our LiveChat or email.