Tyre Inserts

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Tyre inserts have grown and developed as riders have got more aggressive, pushing their bikes to more extreme limits. As good as rims and tyres are nowadays, punctures are still in the forefront of mountain bike riding. Smashing rocks, casing jumps and ‘sharlping’ turns, leave our wheels screaming beneath us. Tyre inserts are essentially a piece of foam that goes in tubeless tyre setup. They act as an extra wall of protection between the ground, tyre and rim. Upon an impact instead of the rim pressing against the tyre and then the ground, the insert acts as a cushion in middle. Helping avoid damage to the rim, keeping you riding. Inserts like the CushCore Pro series also have ride feel advantage properties. Giving more sidewall support to the tyre allowing more aggressive cornering and control, whilst running much lower pressures.