Pumps & Co2 Inflation

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You won’t get very far without any air in those tyres! Pumps & Co2 Inflation are crucial for keeping you going. Wether it is a hand pump for out on the trail or a floor option for at home. It is essential you keep your tyres inflated at your chosen pressure. Hand or frame versions come in a variety of sizes, most small enough to fit in a bum bag or backpack. These usually come with a frame mount, to have easy access next to your bottle cage. Floor pumps are ideal for efficiency, when time is key a floor option can inflate your tyres far quicker than a hand pump. These typically have a pressure gauge so you can set your tyres to an accurate reading. Co2 tools are great for a quick blast of inflation out on the trail. Wether you have either repaired the hole in the tyre or replaced a tube. A quick shot of Co2 will get that tyre inflated far quicker than a pump. Shop Pumps & Co2 Inflation here at Grip & Pedal.