CushCore E-MTB Pro Tyre Insert Set – All Sizes


CushCore E-MTB Pro Tyre Insert Set, the original full-performance version, is ideal for E-MTBs. The extra weight of an E-MTB pushes the limits of your wheels, tires, and suspension. But with CushCore installed you can ride with Total Confidence.

First time fitting CushCore? Make the job easier with these tools...

CushCore Bead Dropper Tyre Lever

The CushCore Bead Dropper Tyre Lever significantly helps in removal and installation of CushCore tyre inserts. Especially the critical step of dropping the bead into the rim channel.

CushCore Bead Bro Tyre Installation Tool

Introducing the new CushCore Bead Bro Tyre Installation Tool. Holds the bead down in the rim channel, allowing you to use both hands to complete the remainder tire installation - It's like having a third hand.

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