DMR V12/Vault/Versa/V11 Pedal Bearing Tool


The DMR V12/Vault/Versa/V11 Pedal Bearing Tool is designed to easily remove and fit bearings into your pedals. Keeping your pedals running box fresh smooth by giving them a service.

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Don't forget your service kit...

DMR V12 V2 Pedal Service Kit

Rebuild your new style DMR V12 V2 pedals with this service kit for a brand new pedal feel! Rough bearings, perhaps a bit play in the pedal axle? Bring them back to box fresh with a service!

DMR Vault Pedal Service Kit

Use the DMR Vault Pedal Service Kit to give your pedals that box fresh feeling with this rebuild kit! Great for when pedal bearings are feeling rough or have play in the axles.

DMR V11 Pedal Service Kit

DMR V11 Pedal Service Kit is ready for when your pedals need a refresh! Overtime those internals will become worn out, developing a bit of play or just generally sounding rough. Bring them back to life with this service kit.

DMR Versa Pedal Service Kit

DMR Versa Pedal Service Kit is complete to fully overhaul your pedals. Bearings feeling a bit rough? Or have your pedals developed a bit of play? Make those pedals smooth as the day you brought them with this service kit.

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