Brake Rotors

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Like brake pads it is important to keep your rotors in good condition. Overtime rotors will wear down, most discs have a minimum wear thickness for you to keep an eye on. It is worth checking this measurement periodically, worn rotors can be dangerous. There is two choices of fitment with discs. Either six bolt or centrelock. Both are fairly common but six bolt tends to be the favoured. It features six T25 torx bolts to mount directly to the hub. A centrelock option uses a lock ring similar if not the same as a cassette. This lock ring eliminates the need for any bolts. Size is another consideration, as bikes have got faster, the discs have got bigger to deal with the extra heat. A popular upgrade on mountain bikes is bump the discs up a size to gain more power. Some enduro/downhill bikes run as big as 220mm now!